5 reasons why you should visit Norway

Have you ever been to the Scandinavian Peninsula? If not, try to imagine the landscapes of one of the Scandinavian place. Norway is a really picturesque country. It is known from amazing fjords, wonderful landscapes and cities full of extraordinary sights. According to the tourist guards, Norway is the second worst populated European country with a rich and interesting history and breathtaking views. It is an ideal place for walking and cycling enthusiasts. In contrary to general opinion, a trip to Norway does not have to be very expensive. If we are able to organize a trip by ourselves, we can surely save a lot of money. Firstly, one of the cheapest way to travel to Norway is to fly last minute airlines. Secondly, we can also spend less money by buying food in supermarkets, sleeping in guest rooms or on a camping site. Let’s focus on the natural attractions in Norway.

1. The magical northern lights

It appears in the sky at night when it is dark. The lights are dancing and shimmering in different colours, for example green, pink and purple. The glow of lights looks as if it runs across the sky. In my opinion, it looks like an amazing dance show. Believe me that no photos or videos will reflect the beauty of this unique spectacle. It is worth seeing it with your own eyes. According to the Norwegian, the lights of the northern lights are part of the life of the people of Northern Norway. What’s more, the northern lights was and still is the inspiration of artists, as well as the source of myths and legends.

2. Incredible Fjords
There are more than a thousand fjords in Norway. However, there are many iconic ones which can be seen only on postcards because it is difficult to visit them, for example Nærøyfjord, Sognefjord, Lysefjord and Geirangerfjord. The fjords resemble calm blue lakes, however the water is really salty. Why is it that? The fjords are the extended “arms” of the sea which are reaching the land creating majestic cliffs. To understand why fjords are probably the most important symbol of this country, you should understand what they really represent by discovering them.

3. Amazing peaks of Norway
Some peaks of Norway are also the highest peaks in Europe and the mountain landscape in this country is definitely unique and majestic. The easy access to mountain slopes affects many tourists due to the attractiveness of the local mountainous areas. There have been created thousands of kilometres of trails with different levels of difficulty. During the winter, the mountain landscape is covered with a white snow coat. In Norway there are many ski resorts. However, skiers prefer looking for adventures and they ski on a more powdery snow into the deeper and higher mountains. Skiing routes have been prepared throughout the country.

4. Norwegian Waterfalls
According to scientists,10 out of the 30 highest waterfalls in the world are located in Norway. Many of them creates some kind of bridges between mountains and fjords while others are an integral part of rivers. It shows an amazing diversity of Norwegian landscapes. Some of the most beautiful waterfalls can be found in the south-western parts of the country. If you want to see them, the best months to discover them are May and June. In this time of the year ice and snow melt in the mountains. The highest waterfall, 275 meters high, is The Vettisfossen. It is probably the most beautiful waterfall in Norway. Another incredible waterfall is Langford. It is worth seeing.

5. Norwegian glaciers
In Norway there are still many glaciers which can be really magnificent. One of them is the Jostedalsbreen glacier. Among these beautiful cliffs, glaciers and fjords you may feel like a small insect because the nature is so sophisticated. Therefore, you should always remember about safety rules and be careful when you are going to travel on the glacier. Never go alone on a glacier. Deep fissures, avalanches and movement of ice blocks can be really dangerous. However, walking on the glacier is an unforgettable experience. The best option is to travel with the guide and stock up on good equipment. Ice glaciers formed the fjords which are characteristic for this beautiful country, valleys and steep walls of mountains. Here and there you can find the remains of these prehistoric giants.

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