5 ways to travel cheap around the world

  1. How about investing your money in buying a bicycle?

In most cases, the costs of the journey are the highest. We must consider paying for petrol, road pricing and another fares which are important in order to go by car. But it cannot demotivate us to travel. It is worth going somewhere by bike. There are a lot of people who have tried this kind of journey and they are delighted. What’s more, according to the recent survey, they promise they will go by bike on holiday one more time! It is good to remember that it is not important which means of transport we will choose, but the destination and the positive aspects of holidays.

Bike is the cheapest means of transport and the most comfortable at the same time. Why is it that? If you are on holiday, there are many places which you woluld like to reach and see. I suppose that most of them is within walking distance from your travel arrangement. Going by car is ridiculous. Going by public means of transport is always annoying – crowd, dirt and heat. Going on foot can be tiring. So the best option will be going by bike. You will not think about the route or parking. It will be just you and your bike. Despite of costs and comfort, I can see another positive aspects of travelling by bike – healthy lifestyle. Going by bike can give you energy and it can shape your body – lost of weight and muscular build.

  1. How to save money on accommodation?

Many people do not even realize how much money will they save if they buy a tent! Think about some things or food you will buy if you save money on a one day in a hotel or a guest house. Considering a one-week holiday, that is a lot of money. Of course, we need to rent a place at the campsite, but the costs of living in a such place are enormously lower than at the hotel. However, there are many places around the world which let tourists put their tents up wherever they want – on deserts, by the lake, in forests etc. So, if you think twice, you can spend nothing for accommodation. Have ever tried sleeping in a tent? It is a real fun and comfort too. It is worth buying a tent with the sleeping bags and extra mattress what makes you sleep better on the ground. Now I can imagine myself in front of the tent sitting next to the fireplace and grill some sausages. Do you feel it?

  1. It is a high time to learn how to cook by yourself.

I know that the most convenient for you is to go to the restaurant and eat a proper meal. But my question is – do you usually eat at restaurants when you are in your home town? I suppose you do not. During the holiday there are many facilities which enable you to cook by yourself. For instance, in most guest houses or hotels there are kitchenettes or common kitchen for all guests. Nowadays, it is a norm. Therefore, if you go on holiday by car, you can buy cheap food in shops which you know from your daily life. Otherwise, you can buy things in a small local shop at your destination. But it is worth remembering that the owners of these kinds of local shops just wait for tourists in order to earn some money. So the products can be more expensive than in your home town. What’s more, cooking by yourself can be also a real pleasure too.

  1. Out of season.

I think that many of us forget that in many places around the world atmospheric conditions are different than in our country. It is obvious that during the high season the prices are enormous. Why don’t you go to warm islands during the winter or autumn? It is worth knowing that most tourist attraction look great in catalogues, but in real they are really overcrowded during the high season. From my experience, during the season there are no places at cheap hotels, no places at restaurants and no places to sit in city centres. I do not even mention about lack of car parks and a lot of traffic jams. I cannot imagine this kind of holidays – a real nightmare! I prefer going out of season for sure.

  1. Be polite to others

One positive smile or gesture can bring you some help or luck. Each of them come back to you. Trust me. You will be given some extra advice, someone will help you if you get lost or show you the most incredible hidden places to which you will never stumble into by yourself. Each of us must be kind and polite, especially hitch-hiker. On the Internet there are many websites which offers hitch-hiking trips for individuals and groups. You can find there many adverts and offers from people who want to help and drop somebody at the particular destination. The another plus of this kind of travelling is making new friends. In the future you can visit them and know different places.

Did I motivate you to go on a cheap holiday? As you can see, there are many ways of spending a small amount of money during your holidays. It is a waste of time thinking all the time about minuses of travelling. Let’s move you arse and do not dream any more. Make your dreams come true. If you are ready for travelling, have a safe journey and good luck!

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