Birmingham, a nice place to visit

Are you really interested in visiting an interesting place in the UK? I suggest you to travel around the Birmingham. According to the statistics, it is the largest city in Britain. Birmingham is the heart of British industry, the chocolate empire and the birthplace of great people who are known and admired around the world. What’s more, Birmingham is a city for students. It is an international and multicultural centre. It is worth to be here and feel this atmosphere on your own skin.

This English city was the centre of the industrial revolution in Birmingham. In 1775, the famous inventor of the steam engine James Watt and his friend Matthew Boulton were built up until 1800 steam engine machines. William Murdoch, another tech genius who invented gas lighting, also came from Birmingham. In 1802 Soho Manufacture installed about 2,600 gas lamps. In 1900, the University of Birmingham was established there.

What can you see in Birmingham? It is not surprising that tourists are the most attracted by the Jewellery Quarter. It was founded about 250 years ago. An attractive jewellery is produced in about 400 places. The city is wonderful. It is dominated by Victorian architecture. Many of the buildings came from the second half of the 19th century. There are many famous monuments, for example the church of St. Paul or the cemetery of Warston Lane. In Birmingham there are three amazing cathedrals: the Anglican Cathedral of St. Philip which was built in 18th century in the Baroque style, the Catholic Cathedral of St. Chad in neo-Gothic style and the Greek cathedral of Theotokos and Andrew. One of the most valuable buildings is the Aston Hall Estate.

Nowadays, Birmingham is a modern city full of green places. What’s more, one of its many advantages is its excellent transport infrastructure. You can travel by buses, trams and even sailing boats. According to visitors, Birmingham has more water routes than Venice! Isn’t it surprising? There are plenty of places which you can see in this city: monuments, numerous museums and theatres. What’s more, you can visit botanical garden and many parks. What is worth seeing? Sutton Park – the world’s largest nature reserve, of course. Birmingham is also a paradise for shopaholics. There are thousands of stores. The most popular is The Bull Ring Mall – one of the symbols of the city. According to visitors, it is the most-visited department store in England. It is annually visited by over 20 million customers.

Some interesting places to visit.

Museum of science Thinktank – It is an entertainment for children and adults. This is an interactive science centre with a wonderful planetarium and outdoor garden. The museum consists of four floors where visitors can see some exhibits and historical collections of things and photos. There is also the gallery of the future which shows how life can look like in a few decades, and the gallery of the past that shows things from the industrial history of Birmingham.

Rotunda – It is impossible not to notice it while being in the city centre. The Rotunda is 81 meters high and has 25 floors. From 1965 to 2004, Rotunda was intended for commercial use, but since 2008 you can rent amazing and expensive apartments too.

St. Martin Church – The patron of the church was a brave soldier who was born in Hungary in 316. According to priests, an interesting story is connected with this man. Moreover, he is an inspiration for volunteers. Martin had t join the army because he was forced by the law. He was only 18 years old and he was sent to France. During the winter he noticed a half-naked beggar. He was moved. Martin was a good man so he gave the poor man half of his coat. That same night the soldier had a miraculous dream. He saw the Christ. After this event, the young man was baptised. Then Martin became the bishop. Isn’t in interesting?
Therefore, if you have a chance to visit England, you should go to Birmingham too. I know, that the most popular destination is London, but trust me, there are many other interesting cities to see there.

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