London – The English Place

As everyone knows, London is the largest capital city in England and the United Kingdom too. This city is also considered to be cultural and entertainment centre of Europe. According to visitors, the six month of the year is too short period of time to see everything in London.

As statistics show, London’s population is steadily increasing. There are many people around the world who decide to live and work there. Therefore, London has around 9 million inhabitants at the moment. The city itself is a kind of multicultural city. The history of the city dates back to prehistoric times. Romans also had their settlement here after the invasion of 43 AD.

How to visit London?

The most comfortable way to explore London is to combine walking on foot with the use of public transport – mainly to distant attractions. The greater part of historic London is easily accessible and you don’t have to go by double-decker bus. How much time do you need to explore London? London can be an ideal place for a short weekend as well as for a long two-week holiday. It all depends on the attractions that we would like to visit and see. It is definitely not worth planning to visit too many attractions during the one trip. There is a wide range of London’s museums which are really extensive and we will not be able to visit the most important ones.

What is the best season to explore London?

When we are worried about the weather, you should consider visiting London from May to September. However, during this period there are too many tourists and crowds are everywhere. Therefore, sightseeing may not be very pleasant. Some attractions, which include the British monarchy, such as Buckingham Palace, can only be visited during the summer months. In the winter months, mainly from November to February. There are definitely less tourists. Therefore, visiting historical attractions and museums is better and more pleasant. The exception is the second half of December. During the holiday period, London is decorated by colourful Christmas decorations. That’s why this time attracts million of tourists.

Visiting London

As I wrote before, London offers a wide selection of attractions and interesting places. From monuments, stadiums and modern country estates to the most popular museums. It is worth getting acquainted with the available possibilities and make a plan of sightseeing wisely. What can you visit in London? Personally, I encourage visiting St. James’s Park and Trafalgar Square.

St. James’s Park is one of the most pleasant park in London. When you look at the map, you can see that St. James’s Park separates Buckingham Palace from the Prime Minister’s office placed on 10 Downing Street. In the middle of the park there is a small lake. The ramble is really pleasant because you can meet so many squirrels which are not afraid of people. In this park, you will not feel that you are in the heart of a large metropolis. To the east of the park there is a building of the royal Horse Guards. This building is worth visiting because there is the Museum of Cavalry inside.

Trafalgar Square – that is the one of the most characteristic squares in London. The square was named after he victorious battle of 1805 during which the English defeated the united forces of France and the Kingdom of Spain. The square loomed large in the city since the 13th century. There is the statue of Admiral Nelson in the middle of the square, which is surrounded by four lions. You can also see beautiful fountains there. The British National Gallery is the most important building on the Trafalgar Square. Why? It is considered the most important art galleries in the world. Therefore, the square is a kind of artistic centre and it attracts many artistic souls. All year long it is occupied by street musicians and artists. More over, you can also admire beautiful paintings, which were painted with chalk on the pavement. The best way to get to Trafalgar Square from the Palace of Westminster is Whitehall Street. It is surrounded by beautiful buildings and monuments.

Another free attractions in London:

British Museum
National Gallery
Natural History Museum
National Portrait Gallery
Victoria & Albert Museum
Science Museum

It is worth visiting London once in your lifetime.

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