Spain – the most charming place in Europe.

While I am looking through the window, I am dreaming about holiday in Spain. The sun is shining and I am drinking a glass of cool water with lemon. So then I decided to write something interesting about this beautiful country. In my opinion, it is worth going on a holiday to Spain because of the warm climate. There are plenty of sunny days on the Mediterranean coast! That is why many people from the east Europe are prone to go to Spain or Italy. There are many aspects which make Spain one of the most famous holiday destination. Firstly, this place is very diverse geographically. It means that you can visit high mountains with winter ski resorts and a very long sea coast with many sandy beaches. In the south of Spain, in Andalusia, it is particularly hot because it is very close to Africa. At any time of the year we may encounter very different weather in different parts of Spain. The strong impact on the Iberian Peninsula have two masses of air – Atlantic from the north and African from the south. Generally speaking, there are undoubtedly regions in which the weather is very nice for most of the year and even the whole year. It is worth remembering that Spain is not only the Iberian Peninsula. It is also the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea or the Canary Islands in the Atlantic. What’s more, in Spain we can meet an amazing cultural mix, many interesting places and delicious cuisine. Let’s focus more on Spain.

Language and culture of Spain

The official language is Spanish or Castilian. There are still several regional languages, just like in Poland or England which are still alive. The most important is Catalan, which is being used in the east of Spain. However, it is ridiculous that in a country, in which people make their living from tourism, there is a big problem with communicating in a foreign language – even in English. What’s more, even the hotel staff does not speak English fluently. It is difficult to communicate in shops or restaurants too. In this case, you must help yourself by body language. Although, Italian and Spanish, speaking to each other in their own languages, are able to communicate. That is very similar to Polish and Czech. They are also able to understand each other without speaking in the same language. Many people are surprised that these nationalities get on well with each other. What about the Spanish culture? The culture of Spain developed under the influence of various religions and nations which lived on the peninsula – from Iberians and Celts, through Romans, Visigoths, to Moors and generally Christians. A specific element of the culture of Spain is the passion for bullfighting. Korrida is still a very popular spectacle and it attracts many tourists from around the world. The second specific element of culture is flamenco. However, it is very characteristic for Andalusia. Generally, flamenco is the music of Andalusian Gypsies which is performed by them on almost every event or occasion.

Typical Spanish food and drinks

Spanish cuisine is very varied, depending on the region and climate. However, the Mediterranean typical food are: seafood, cold soups, olive oil and rice. We can eat tortilla de patatas (omelette with eggs and separately fried potatoes, it is often served with onions, peppers, mushrooms or shrimps), gazpacho (a cold vegetable soup with bread, tomato, olive oil, garlic, cucumber and various spices), and paella (a dish based on rice with green vegetables, meat, snails, beans and spices). You can drink sherry there. It is a famous wine which is produced from white grapes near Jerez de la Frontera. This wine is a symbol of Spain.

When is it worth going to visit Spain?

Most of the tourists with children go on summer holidays mainly during school holidays. These are mainly June, July and August. In the south of Spain it is very hot then. When tourists walk around the Spanish cities, it is terrible heat there! According to the inhabitants, it is worth going in May when the temperatures are much lower. During the high season there is much traffic on the roads, there is a crowd in restaurants and hotels. If it is possible, you should go during the low season. One year I decided to go to Spain with my fiancé. I had to go during the high season only because I am a teacher. It was really horrible. The sun was shining almost all the time and we even could not eat any meals at good restaurants. This country is beautiful and you can discover it only during the low season.

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