The motivation of travelling

Travelling is an important part of human development. How to discover new cultures or new remote places around the world if you sit all the time in front of TV set or surf the Net. Getting the world knowledge from the real contest is the most efficient and amazing too. But, there are many excuses for travelling. Let’s focus on them.

Poor excuses for travelling.

We sometimes cannot just pack our stuff and go whenever or wherever we want. But many of us have dreams and needs to go somewhere, for example to reach the summit of K2 or to sunbath on the Caribbean Islands. Now it s April, the sun is shining through my kitchen window and I am dreaming of a sandy beach. Why don’t I go? Money, job, duties, children, husband.. Everything comes to my mind..

Firstly – money.

That is the worst excuse ever. I know that trips and holidays are expensive. We must consider costs of petrol, road pricing and accommodation. From time to time we must stop in order to have a toilet or eat something at the bar. Money is needed in every step during the journey. When we think about holidays we usually gestate how to collect a big pile of money. To be honest, your money is not so necessary as you think. Have you ever tried hitch-hiking? Believe me or not, this is a really amazing and interesting way of travelling when you are alone. What’s more, this is one of the cheapest journey because you are free from the extra fees and fares. You just need luck and positive energy to encourage travellers to drop you at your destination. What about the stuff? I guess you will need a backpack with the basic toiletries, sleeping bag and some kind of fresh and light snacks. Let’s ask somebody who has ever tried hitch-hiking how much money did he spend on his journey. Honestly, he will answer that he spent not too much. Thanks to this kind of travelling we avoid costs of journey and accommodation. Food is not such an expensive thing. Moreover, you can also eat some local fruits, for example oranges in Spain, apples in Poland or figs in Croatia. In my opinion, that will be an amazing life experience.

Secondly – parents and family.

Are you too young? You think that your parents will not let you go. Have you asked?

If you are under 18 it is worth persuading your parents that you are responsible and mature enough to go somewhere on holiday. Let’s start to behave like an adult, do not be foolish or stop doing silly things otherwise your parents do not let you go for sure. You must prove them that you are ready to go without them and you are ready to live your life.

Are you a girl? There is some kind of stereotype that girls are not able to travel alone because it is very dangerous for them. I can perfectly agree with this statement. So that, if you are woman, you should have a company. But if you feel confident and brave, you can try to go alone. However, it is not an excuse, sometimes girls cope better with things because they are more careful and responsible.

Thirdly – job and duties.

Are you afraid that your boss will give you a sack? From my point of view, employers appreciate more people who have some hobbies and passions. Of course, sometimes you are not able to give up your work duties and projects and go somewhere. But if you are really ready to travel around the world, you can find a new job after returning home. You have just a one life so make your dreams come true. Remember, you are not too old to change your life.

I suppose that one of the excuses can be a fear. While we are travelling, everything depends only on us. So that, if you are afraid of travelling, you are also afraid of living in this world. When you go somewhere you have got two ways: firstly, you can always come back home, secondly – you can bite the bullet and fight with adversities. This kind of experience can teach and improve your handling skills. In my opinion, many people feel also laziness and pessimism. You cannot think that somebody can mugged you or you will be stolen by thief. This kind of thinking will stop you before you set out your holiday. Be positive person. It helps you in a daily life and routines too. What about the laziness? This is a different kettle of fish. Laziness is an integral part of our lives. However, it appears as a procrastination. If we procrastinate things, we feel relief and pleasure that the task will be done better later. The same goes with holidays and travelling. We procrastinate it because we believe we can do it later, after a year or ten years. But after a while it will turn out that we are too old or we start a family.

Don’t waste your time on unnecessary thinking. If you are young or old, encourage yourself to start an adventure. As I wrote before, you need not a lot of money, nice accommodation or comfortable mean of transport. The most important issue is a good mood and positive personality and positive attitude. To be honest, in real life I prefer working and cooperating with people who are optimistic, not pessimistic!

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